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Primer is our main collection of science knowledge. Carefully curated and thoughtfully written, it is an open resource for you to read and digest scientific information easily, as well as form links between different subjects. Above all, we hope to help you navigate through all the industry jargon in order to better understand recent scientific developments.


We essentially view it as our very own scientific journal, tailored to ignite your curiosity and spark your inquisitive nature. Who knows - maybe it might even help you with your studies!

Research Disclaimer

All information and material contained in the publications from StemSide (e.g. Primer) are for educational and information purposes only. Though the information herein has been obtained from public sources that are believed to be reliable, StemSide makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. In other words, the material contained is being provided solely on the basis that the reader will make an independent assessment of the merits or flaws of the information provided.


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Back to the Basics

Here you'll find a collection of basic scientific concepts. These include discussing foundational principles and monumental papers on historical facts, experimental techniques, and even reaction mechanisms. Why do we call these Basics? Well, because they're likely not going to change.


Science in Our World

This area of our journal is all about the recent discoveries, interesting papers, and of course, the applied side of science. Immerse yourself in topics such as metabolic engineering, bioinformatics, synthetic biology and how this can be commercialised, and even the fascinating field of biotechnology!


STEM All Round

A collection of thought-provoking topics that are not directly limited to certain scientific fields. In this section, we'll tackle bioengineering, biomedical sciences, and possibly physics, maths, and business (this list is not exhaustive)!