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Degree Insights

Choosing the right university degree is a crucial task, but it doesn't have to be stressful!

To help you figure out the best university subject for you, do explore our Degree Insights pages to find out more about the in's & out's of different STEM degrees, and also hear directly from students who've studied them first-hand.

So, what am I looking at?

In this corner of our website, we take a deep dive into the learning experiences of current students and alumni who are studying or have studied the STEM degrees you're eager to learn more about. Discover how they developed an interest in their subject, what surprised them about their degree subject, and hear about their random yet applicable advice for students who are keen on applying!


Ana Choi

BSc Biochemistry @ Imperial College

Out of all Life Science's degrees, Biochemistry is the one that gives you the highest level of breadth.


Jacopo Gabrielli 

BSc Biochemistry @ UCL

What is really unique about Biochemistry is that you get to understand the machinery of life

Let the exploring begin...

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