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The Founders


Anamaria Grijincu


Anamaria is a recent Biochemistry graduate from Imperial College London, where she frequently worked alongside Bianca on multiple projects either for the course or side-projects as well! Anamaria enjoyed the applied aspect of her degree and frequently studied biotechnological applications for the theoretical foundations she had learnt thus far. 


Anamaria served as the Vice President of the Imperial Biochemistry Society in 2019-2020, where she found her passion for promoting Biochemistry on Imperial’s campus and developed connections with renowned researchers from multiple world-class institutions in the UK. In the foreseeable future, Anamaria is embarking on her Master’s and hopes to eventually found her own Biotechnology Startup.


In her free time, she enjoys eating good food, petting her cats, and also planning holidays where she can do some snorkelling!


Bianca Khor


Bianca is a scientist-turned-investor with work experience in research and development, strategy consulting and investments (private equity, venture capital and real estate). She holds a Master's degree in Management (Distinction) and a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry (First Class Honours) from Imperial College London.


Outside work, she runs a YouTube channel ("Bianca Khor"), published a book on Amazon helping prospective STEM university students with writing their personal statements, and runs two courses on Udemy and Skillshare on how to write first-class scientific essays. She is also the Co-Founder of a science website known as STEMSide. Besides that, she loves to think and chat about self-development, psychology, philosophy, culture, fiction and more!

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