Our Impossible List


The Impossible List is essentially a list of challenges that we have set for StemSide. Bear in mind that it is different from a regular bucket list, in the sense that this is an ever-evolving list containing all the things that we or someone else would have deemed as “impossible”. We'll consistently strive to hit our goals, and take note of when we do - then, we'll iterate the goal and increase its difficulty!


Take a peek at what we're planning to do with this initiative, and see how you can help us achieve these goals!

Feel free to take inspiration and make your own!

(Text in green and smaller font are milestones achieved with corresponding date.)

Publish 50 articles for Primer - 29/12/2020

Publish 100 articles for Primer

Obtained £500 from the UK Biochemical Society - 05/02/2021

Obtain £1000+ financial grant

Be published in a national newspaper or magazine

Start a podcast

Start a YouTube channel

Introduce a mentorship scheme for university, internship, industrial placement, and job applications

Introduce a competition

Offer an annual scholarship programme to underprivileged students to study life sciences at university-level

Speak at a university outreach event

Partner with student outreach or charity organisations 

Expand StemSide in one other international country (we launched in the UK!)

Offer StemSide merchandise

Introduce an StemSide ambassador programme 

Host 10 online events

Hit 500 followers on all our social media channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook).