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Core Team



Vy is working in a biotech company in Cambridge, UK. She did her MSc and BSc at Imperial College London.

In addition to STEMside, she enjoys creating social media content (@biomedwithvy). By sharing her experience pursuing an education and career in biomedical science, she hopes to inspire women who currently aren't as well-represented in STEM to pursue their scientific journeys.

Outside of the lab, you can find Vy exploring new restaurants and cute cafes, travelling, reading fiction, trying to motivate herself to do some form of exercise, napping or binge watching kdramas.




Vasco is a Scientist at a biotech company. He graduated in MSc Genes, Drugs & Stem Cells from Imperial College London and BSc Biological and Medicinal Chemistry from The University of Exeter.

As Vasco continues to embark on his scientific career, he hopes to explore and apply his scientific interests in the context of business development.

During his free time, you can find him at the gym, boxing, travelling, assembling IKEA furniture and enjoying good food.


Jo Wee

Head of Social Media & Outreach

Meet Jo Wee, a graduate of Imperial College London with a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences. Currently, she's pursuing a career as a STEM editor in educational publishing. 


She embarks on a parallel path as a video editor during weekends, aiming to shed light on the exciting world of STEM courses and pathways. 


She finds joy in staying active, whether it's hitting the gym, dancing, or simply talking nonsense with her housemates.


Oh, she also shares the Vy's passion of binge watching (but she has a thing for Chinese actors/actresses instead). 


She's constantly searching for new people to interview for STEMside's social media, so feel free to hit her up @jowee.ry to arrange something



Head of Sciences

Nataliia has recently earned her BSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences and is currently pursuing a MSc in Drug Innovation at Utrecht University, in The Netherlands.


In the future, she aspires to build a career in research, with a specific focus on the early stages of pharmaceutical R&D.


In her free time, she enjoys playing basketball at a student association, playing the violin in an orchestra, and spending time with friends, especially eating good food together.


Yuje (Amy)

Head of Public Engagement

Yuje is an undergraduate research student studying Medical Biosciences at Imperial College London.


At STEMside, Yuje is involved in planning for events and forming network with more STEM-related organizations to bring back more exciting opportunities to our audiences!


In her free time, Yuje enjoys illustrating (creating children’s picture books), traveling, photography, singing and much more! Feel free to contact @yujevlogs on instagram if you wish to get in touch with Stemside’s head of public engagement, or to learn more about the life for a medical biosciences degree!

Former Contributors 

Sophie Preston – Head of External Outreach (2021)

Lily Jiaqi Cao – External Outreach Associate (2021)

Julia Barret Joly – Chief Editor (2021)

Emma McCarthy – Editor (2021)

Zoe Cheah – Head of Publicity (2021) 

Emily Ng – Publicity Associate (2021)

Sophie Smith – Graphic Designer (2021)

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